EPISODE #2: Stop putting people on Layaway


Serious Accountability Episode ahead

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Hello everyone and Welcome back to the latest episode of Saje With Me. This episode dives in to alot of the games men and women play in relationships these days. My friends Ali and I get really open and vulnerable about our experiences with casting men to the side, dating without a purpose and things we can do to stop this toxic behavior. Some simply call it dating, while others may look at it as something needs fixing and addressing you be the judge. ENJOY AND SHARE !!!

Meet today’s co-host Coach Ali


Who is Coach Ali?

Alicia McIntosh

Profession: Health & Fitness Coach/Personal Trainer

Quote that I live by: “This above all: to thine own self be true”

Hey my name is Alicia and I go by Ali I’m 28 years wise born December 21st. I’m a Miami native born to Jamaican parents. I was raised by predominantly women.....STRONG ASS WOMEN lo! I’m a health and fitness coach in the downtown Miami area and I specialize in behavior modification that leads to life transformations. I believe that movement is a gift that heals people when connected to the “right” way.

Everything starts with the mind, which is why I have dedicated myself to continuous healing and growth so that I can be the highest version of myself. With this comes healing past traumas and releasing pain blockages that have been created through the years as a form of “survival” skills. I am taking daily action to no longer to survive but to LIVE! This is the internal work that I do for myself and with my clients to help them tap into their potentials.

I live in gratitude and I move with love. Everything that I do is with purpose from my Source. My ultimate daily and life goal while I’m here in the physical is to help spirits in need by sprinkling love everywhere I go and in everything I do.

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Saje Nicole

Host of “Saje With Me”

Saje Nicole is a Model, Actress and Entrepreneur based in Miami FL. , She is dedicated to showing women how to live their best lives through fitness, fashion, travel and everyday life advice. Saje’s mission is to inspire women to not only dream, but to go unapologetically after them. Saje enjoys sharing authentic, over the top, yet relatable content to her community that will empower and inspire them to live and thrive. We all live different lives, but ultimately have the same goals. To be the best version of ourselves.

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