Episode 1: Meet your Host Saje Nicole

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Hello my loves welcome to the  Saje with Me podcast I'm your host Saje Nicole. This is your go to place for weekly episodes on personal development self love and action steps to create the life you want. We focus on everyday situations so that you can finally take control of your life and boss up. I'll give you all the necessary tools  unapologetically start living your best life! Let's get started

What to expect:

Oh my goodness you guys I finally have this podcast up!!! I'm so excited!! You have no idea. I wanted to create this podcast because I wanted to create a safe place where women can come and feel like you have a big sister to help them through so much of the struggles that we have in life. Because believe it or not, we all kind of go through the same things, just through different ways. Therefore, if there's something that my Cohosts, friend or I have been through personally, I definitely want to break it down for you so you don't have to go through it alone or avoid it all together. And secondly I also wanted to document my growth as well. You guys From this past year alone, I have grown so much!!! I've grown so much, when it comes to business, when it comes to relationships, when it comes to spirituality and I'm just now feeling like I'm at a place where I can comfortably share my thoughts and experiences with you guys. Coming from a place of complete understanding and acceptance. When you have knowledge on something no matter how small, I feel like it's your duty to help your neighbor so that they can flourish as well. So I'm really excited to be here with you guys.

Naming the podcast:

I decided to name this podcast “Saje with me” because I don't know if you guys smudge your home but I am a big fan of getting some blue or white sage opening up the windows,  putting on some 432 Hertz vibrations, praying, meditating, and saging the mess out of my house, car or office. Feel free to consider this podcast is a good energy Soul cleansing podcast. So before every episode I will light up some said open up the windows and let out any bad vibes and we're going to get into it.

Early Childhood:

So first and foremost I do want to give you a good background into who I am and what you can expect to learn from these episodes. Those of you who don't know I go by Saje Nicole my real name is Shana. I decided to go with a fictitious name just to be able to keep certain parts of my life separate. But either way, I do want you to feel completely at home and know either way you're getting my full authentic self. I was born in Turks and Caicos. My mom and dad on Haitian so that is what I respect to the fullest. I have a background in Benin, Togo and Cameroon also. My creole is a little messed up so don't judge me. Growing up I always felt like I had a really, really awesome childhood. The reason why is because we had a lot of family around us. We really don't have any friends outside of church friends and family members, so we were the household that grew up with two or three of my cousins and their parents in the house. It was a full house but it was so much fun than there was always something to do. Either that, or we lived in very close proximity with one another,  we all went to the same school, etc. so even though we have school friends, at the end of the day it was all about family. When it comes to church, I was raised in a very strict Seventh-day Adventist home. We weren't allowed to wear pants, eat meat, perm our hair, or go out on Friday or Saturday night. It was a little Annoying because not all my family were Seventh Day so when they would be playing I couldn't go out. But that's when My church friends came in lol. I didn't like the restrictions but I was a child so there was nothing that I could really do about it. What that did do, was raised some very very creative kids. Because we didn't have a choice LOL. Anyone that you know that has been raised in a very strict Christian household they can either carry that into adulthood or they completely rebel. So we're going to dive into that a little bit later. And then the last I had a very very good childhood. I wasn't really involved in any sports because we just didn't have the resources my mom just didn't really have the time to take me because she has to work. My dad passed away when I was in the fourth grade from health complications and so from that point on I was raised by a single mom. And of course she did the best to provide and be there for us.

It's really interesting I read a quote somewhere where they said that “A new birth brings people together but death separates people.” I was too young to understand what was going on. But there was a lot of things going on in the family at that time. On both my mom’s side and dad’s side of the family. We stayed close to like maybe two or three family members but it definitely wasn't the same as before. You can feel the tension, some stopped talking to others completely and we were too young to keep in contact with each other.  So if you can understand my father just passed away and then the people that I grew up with were no longer they're going to put me in a place where I was very rebellious and I just went through a very weird stage in my life all through middle school and I was getting it was just really bad and my mom didn't really have a chance to be there and talk to me. One, because she didn't really understand what I was going through enough to be able to articulate what I was going through. So, the only thing that I could do was have an attitude and do everything that I wasn't supposed to do just to get attention. I went through my rebellious stage all through maybe the 9th/ 10th grade and then I started calming down a little because I didn't have time to get into trouble. One thing that I always did in middle school was hair. I used to do everyone's hair but I wasn't really allowed to do hair, because I wasn't allowed to have anyone over there while she wasn't home. Which makes complete sense now but I just dint agree with it at that time. SO I used to sneak people in to do hair but didn't really understand how to charge. I would charge maybe $7 or hey get me a pack of snickers and I would do your hair. Because if I had all this money I Would absolutely get caught so i did it mostly to build my skills and that way I could have more company.

Fast forward to high school my mom now let me charge for hair and that's one of the best things you could have done because that's one thing that I always knew that I was doing it I was running a mini hair operation and it took me out of a lot of the drama I was in before.  And I turn my house into a baby boss Factory lol. It was literally In and out. One comes in and the other goes out. Back to back. That was a way for me to still be creative and make a lot of money from it. So that was when I first started my Ventures on Entrepreneurship. I had brand ambassadors, even though I didn't even know what brand ambassadors technically meant. I would get two of the most popular, or just two individuals that I know how to big mouth LOL Basically what I would do is do their hair for free. I would then have them pass out flyers for me. And there were enthusiastic and excited because they're getting their hair done for free. Four times a month. With that Method I would get sooo many clients from it. From different schools even teachers came to do their hair.  That was my first taste in self-employment / entrepreneurship and I didn't even know it but those experiences and testing out those are actually going to be a big part into my adult years. Had to learn about brand ambassadors, marketing, soft and hard sales, promotion, Referral Services, customer service, a bomb product Etc. Now I understand that is the basic foundation for every business. Yes, there is a slight learning curve in different areas. But those fundamentals remain the same. So that also showed me everything that you go through in life and just building you up you just have to know how to apply it properly to capitalize off of it. So I had the opportunity to learn all of these at a very early age. Not because that's what I was taught but because those are the things that just made sense in my line of business.

So now, fast forward to my senior year.  I meet a boy, we fall in love, move out, get a place and Bam I end up getting pregnant. That sounds like the exact thing that would happen if I moved out of my mom's house and move-in with a boy. I was scared shitless but part of me felt a little calm because 1), I loved him and 2) I was able to support myself.  However, I completely understood that's now what my mom wanted for me.when I finally mustered up the courage to tel her I'm going to be honest she handled it alot better than what I was expecting. I knew that I had to go through with it because I didnt believe in abortion AT THE TIME. He was also super excited about the baby so I couldn’t just take that away from him. He already called all his family and I was like OMG what am i going to do. Not knowing that this little munchin was about to change my life for the better.

My family on the other hand, didn't take it that well. I had one aunt that directly says my face, you know your life is over right? Which was so devastating because as a person that is already nervous about the process that’s just not something that you say. Super very long time I just didn't like her because I felt like she didn't take the time out to talk to me she just blew it up in my face and said you know your life is over right? But now that I'm an adult and what she meant. Well the way but I interpret it now, is that my life is not my own and everything that I do moving forward I do have to put someone else before me. So some people look me look at it as a hindrance but I actually thought it's so gratifying, because now everything that I do is for someone else. So it's like you're constantly giving to someone that you unconditionally love which is the best feeling. So at that moment I just made a decision to be fuckin dope! LOL. Not only for the people looking and thinking I woudnt’t amount to anything but also for HER. I wanted to live and execute every single dream so that she can know that no matter where you come from even if it's from the slums of Turks and Caicos you can be anything you want to be. I also understood that if the parent isn’t happy they can’t teach the child how to be happy because happiness is a feeling. And it’s contagious. So is depression. So I also wanted to make sure whatever I’m doing in life to be happy doing it. If it isn’t serving you, Let it go.

Now don't get it twisted, I didn't let my aunt off the hook like that. It was also one of those things that is possible to have a minor setback, but freaking explode. Basically yes things happen, just because you get a flat tire doesn't mean you're not going to reach your destination. So just because I had, at that time but she considered to be a major setback. I looked at it like this is nothing. I'm going to take this I'm going to do the best that I can with it, and I'm still going to be an amazing individual. So I really really use that as a catapult in my life to be as bright as possible. And to achieve as much as I can. Whatever my father is being me and told me oh my goodness I just found out I'm pregnant or oh my goodness I'm going through this I tell them girl get excited cause you're going to have so much fun. Kids are the best. LOL They just don't have any money lol but they are so fun and are the most honest people you’ll ever meet.

So upon the break up with her dad, you know how it is you feel like I'm going to do this I'm going to do that. I'm going to live my best life, but what I did was get signed to an agency. And I start modeling full time. At the time I was in school for nursing and I was trying to juggle both, but it just wasn't working. That was around the time where people weren’t getting booked by social media, it was primarily in person auditions. If you wanted to get those for a job, you have to go to the casting be there four to eight hours just to be seen by the casting director before you can get for trying to juggle that in school just wasn't working and of course I made the decision to always be happy so I decided to take my own full-time and if I ever wanted to go or I could do and what I did instead I took something I was closer to my heart I went to school for business and accounting. And was able to make a really good part time living off of that so I can have time to do what I really wanted to do, which is in the creative space of modeling and acting.

I now have the opportunity of moving away from the traditional route of modeling, and now I get to work directly with brands, Working with the best casting directors, working with the best acting coaches and now of course be able to launch a couple companies of my own. So you guys will be a part of all of that not to worry LOL. And I'm super excited. So think about it like this young and migrant girl, coming from Turks and Caicos, and I mean we lived in the tin houses, we collected in water, the whole bit. LOL. My mom worked a crazy amount of hours, 2 or 3 jobs sometimes if she needed. Just to be able to provide for us. My dad passed away at a very early age at age 32. In since I was a child I thought that was actually very old. I thought, okay. He barely even started.  I have been able to do really well for myself my brother has been able to do really well for himself, he's a musician, basis, pianos, musical director and producer. My daughter has been able to take advantage of our hard work LOL and capitalize off of that. She just started her YouTube channel she's a straight-A student and we're just out of place where everything just came together. So did we always have it easy and no, of course not. We just really high to work and do what we have to do to achieve whatever dream would be possible. We really started from the bottom and now we’re here lol. We haven't even arrived but the journey is so dope that I can only imagine what the destination will feel like.

I don't know your exact situation I don't know what you're going through, but life is meant to be lived you guys. It is so possible to have the body you want, to live the life you want, to have to man you one, they have a car you want some at the house if you want. Everything is so possible. When we look at people on TV or we look at Celebrities, inventors, scientists, and we think that there's so much different from us. But they're not. They just took the time to learn their class and didn't stop until the end so that's what this podcast is really about. It's going to be epsiodes on Life skills Relationships personal development, healing, I've done a lot of feeling in this past year that I didn't even know I had so much internal baggage LOL. Until she can help and cleansing. I'll do an episode on my first everything that we went through.will be talking about sex, proper way to have sex, proper ways to handle yourself with men, proper way to handle yourself in business, proper way to handle yourself in relationships. And that’s relationships with other humans and the things around you that you want to attract. I’m huge on manifestation and have been able to attract alot of really dope shit into my life lol. And I will teach you how to do it too.  It's just so important for us to do these things and talk about these things, mental health is so taboo and no one wants to talk about it but we're going to do that here. Because once you're able to clear all that junk that's when you'll be able to start living your best life. Because you think that you're doing it right now but you still have drama, you still have problems with your mom used to have problems with your dad, you're still holding grudges, you're still in debt, you're not at your highest potential because you don't have the necessary tools and are sometimes you were going to have to come on here and keep the both of us which is completely fine.

So now that you guys have a background about me and my story and what I'm looking to achieve with this podcast is so excited to dive into these topics with you. I don't know honestly how I'm going to grow this channel that wasn't the primary focus it was really just let me start this because I feel like a lot of my girls I have moments where I'm losing sided Society I believe that we need this allowed to properly grow as humans. So am I so what I'm asking is will be here any of this episode. Shared on your social just shared with anyone who you feel like you need to hear this just send it over to them. This is something That is a personal project that I think can help a lot of people.  If you aren't already following me on my socials I'm going to Give them to you now so we can continuously connect.

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