Los Angeles Beach Bum Movie Premiere


My Los Angeles Movie Premiere Experience

Hey my loves!!!! So I’m a little late writing this, but I just had to update you on the amazing time I had in LA at the Beach Bum Movie Premiere.

The movie is described as “Moondog (Played by Matthew McConaughey) is a fun-loving, pot-smoking, beer-drinking writer who lives life on his own terms in Florida. If he can put down the drugs for just one minute, he may finally be able to put his talent to good use and finish the next great American novel. Stars of this movie include, , Snoop Dogg, Isla Fisher, Zac Efron, Jimmy Buffett, Martin Lawrence and Jonah Hill. The plot follows the adventures of Moondog (McConaughey), a rebellious burnout who only knows how to live life by his own rules.

I was initially casted for this movie In Nov .2017 By the amazing LaShawnna Stanley. I work with her primarily in Miami with her company Ethnicity Models Talent. My self and two other ladies were booked as Snoop Dog’s wives lol. It wasn’t as raunchy as it sounds but we definitely had a good time. Snoop Dog is such a character and made us feel so comfortable. He was completely respectful and felt like you were with a LEGEND on set. His presence was definitely felt.

As for Matthew McConaughey, I didn’t really meet him until we got to LA. I say that because with him being a method actor, I was on set with his character “MoonDog”, the whole time. Silly, sloppy drunken mess lol. he pulled off the character so well, you forgot you were there with Matthew. he was completely engulfed in his character. So Fast forward to the premiere in LA, most of the Florida talent attended and man did we have a blast. It’s just something really cool about seeing yourself on screen. Check out some of the highlights below.