What I learned being off social media for six weeks

Hello Beautiful people,


My name is Saje Nicole and I am a model/actress based out of Miami FL. As many of you, I am one that has become obsessed with these new platforms, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter. BUT primarily Instagram. I love the funny memes, dance vids and makeup tutorials I will never use. I found myself on a weird cycle of hourly Scrolls, Likes, Comment, comment, like, watch, scroll, DM, Stories, Like and before you know it 40 mins has gone by. Of course, in that time, I hadn’t learned anything, make any meaningful connections or accomplish any goals. This is the same meaningless cycle that alot of is go through and I just noticed- Hey, something is really off about this. So I decided to take some time off and see how I would feel. For me, being someone that makes money on Social media and has different contracts with brands for posting. I felt it necessary to try it out. FOR MY OWN SANITY. Here’ are 7 things that I learned:

  1. Everything and everyone will be OKAY!!!

    We constantly check our phones because of this very subtle fear of FOMO (Fear of missing out). As if there is so much we will be missing out on if we aren’t constantly checking our phones. What is the latest gossip? Latest trend? Newest makeup look? Who won that last game? What did Trump do this time? All of these things will be going on whether you’re on Social media or not. So now you get to decide how will these pieces of info change or benefit your life? You aren’t missing out on anything that is life changing TRUST ME.

  2. You make better personal relationships.

    The people in your life care about you and want you to be present. When you are able to disconnect from your social world for a while and just connect. It makes a world of difference. When I meet up with some people that I haven’t seen in a while, I would take the liberty of checking in with who I need to then I would turn off my phone while I’m with them so they can have my undivided attention. That’s similar to what we’re doing when we turn “off“ the social media switch for a while. Not everything needs to be on Instagram or Facebook. (= Think about it, you went to dinner and no one knew about it (gasp) !!! You ‘re on a trip with an amazing view and didn’t put in on your story. To be honest, It is so liberating. I didn’t realize how much of a slave I was to IG until I WASN’T ON IG. Be present. Take a couple days out of the week to just live. 🙌 You wont regret it.

  3. Easier to fall in love.

    A couple days after i decided to take my SM break, a friend of mine came to town that I care about deeply. I realized without our phones being in the way, we were able to build on a deeper level. No distractions, only meaningful connections. I don’t know about you, but have you been out to dinner and notice the couple next to you not talking? They are both on their phones through the entire night with maybe a couple chats in between? What a waste of time. 😫 Don’t be that couple. Soak in the moment, Build real relationships, and potentially Fall in love again ❤️️

  4. Don’t waste your time living someone else’s life

    Let me tell you something, a little secret. You may not know this BUT ….. People lie on Social Media! Yup !! Can you believe it??? DO you mean the car their driving doesn’t belong to them? They don’t own any Chanel bags and the actually aren’t balling out of control? Sorry to break it to you. But no, many people just aren’t really living the life they are portraying on social media. It’s just their highlight reel. Many bodies, faces and lives are completely photo shopped. It’s important to talk about because so many women trying to lose that last 30lbs to look like this model, not knowing that she actually weighs the same as you do. And, so many men feel the need to be Super rich or own these exotic cars. Don’t get me wrong some people are absolutely living that life but how do you know the difference? You don’t and it’s not your place to. YOU HAVE YOUR OWN STORY TO WRITE. Have fun, try new things, be adventurous, and collect your own memories. Don’t look at someone else’s life and get depressed that you aren’t on “that level“. Focus on your own goals and your own happiness.

  5. Make more money !!!!!

    Yes!!! I remember when I initially cut TV out of my life about 4 years ago- that year I tripled my income. TRIPLED!!! When I came home I didn’t turn on the Television, I would work on personal projects that would generate more money for me. And so during my six week Hiatus from SM (social media) I was able to use that same energy. I finally launched my podcast “Saje With me“, Start my Youtube channel, re-launch my blog and Get ready for the launch of our natural skin care line Embrace Shea. WTF??!!! Talk about productivity. I realized that if I dabbled with non sense on my downtime I would never get anything done. So Taking this time off has really opened my eyes to my potential.

  6. Develop your own opinions.

    Social media is a great place where we can express ourselves on many topics. Life, love politics, music, etc. Many people who didn’t have a voice before now have listening many ears and loyal readers. I applaud these platforms for giving so many people a voice and finally expressing themselves. But, if you aren’t careful, you can start thinking like the masses instead for yourself. There is a song I use to sing in Sabbath School something like, ” be careful little eyes what you see, and careful little ears what you hear”. Because once you do, it subconsciously becomes a part of you. Imagine watching or reading about negativity, gossip and or scandalous events all the time. You in turn will start to behave the same way because it turns into your new “normal“. Be careful what you read about sensitive topics like religion, body image race are very personal. So when on SM, it’s OK to be open minded, embrace new opinions but ALWAYS ALWAYS have your own opinion.

  7. Better Interpersonal Skills

    Now this right here is a complete no brainer but just in case you under estimate the power of social skills, this will change your mind. Imagine being a four year old that’s just learning about life, people and the new adventures the world has to offer. Now, imagine in this crucial time of your development, your only on a tablet, TV and cell phone. No one on one relationships only digital. It warps your reality and it’s hard to understand what is “Real“ and what isn’t. It also completely debilitates you from understanding how to interact with other humans. Now what if i told you, that this learning never stops. We are always learning how to build with people, how to make others feel comfortable, how to make people laugh, how to be a friend, how to accept and give affection. All of that is learned by being out in the world with REAL interactions. Self confidence, the ability to work collaboratively, communicate effectively and display social awareness is something you will take far in life and will land you in places you couldn’t have imagined.

I’m glad you took the time out with me today and I’m hoping this encourages you to take a slight break if needed. Not everyone needs this, BUT if you do. Please take advantage of it. Remember at the end of the day social media is everyone’’s highlight reel, you don’t see the good, bad, ugly, tears and drama. You mostly see WHAT the person wants you to see. Don’t allow social media to make you feel like you’re behind in life, not as pretty or not as exciting. Let it Inspire you but not control you. You are loved, appreciated and blessed. Never forget it. -

Saje Nicole