There is a lot more that goes into being an Olympian than pure athleticism. There is a significant amount of dedication, patience and resilience required to bring home the gold. Although we certainly don’t expect you to start training for the 2020 Olympics (though we would seriously admire your ambition), we encourage our members to take a page out of an Olympian’s book when it comes to the right mindset for training and reaching your fitness goals, whatever those may be.

Acquiring the level of skill possessed by your average Olympian admittedly takes years of discipline and hard work, but if you are able to channel their mindset, you will be amazed by the things you can accomplish.

Take a look at a few training tips you can learn from the 2016 Olympic athletes and try to incorporate them into your fitness journey as much as possible. By disciplining your pattern of thoughts and behavior, you, too, can achieve the impossible.


The phrase “flexible dedication” refers to the ability to uphold your long term goals while accounting for any changes or obstacles you may encounter along the way. Olympians are unwavering when they experience certain setbacks in their training regime, like an injury or family emergency, for example. Before starting their program, they understand that obstacles exist and that they should plan accordingly.

You’ll see that even with an injury, Olympians still stick with their original plan to compete, which brings us to our next point: resilience.


One of the most important attributes of Olympians is their ability to bounce back time and time again. Resilience is the key component in an Olympian’s training program and allows them to be so great at what they do.

Runner Sarah Brown is a perfect example. While training for the Olympic Trials, Sarah discovered that she was pregnant, and instead of dropping out, her and her husband/coach simply redesigned her training regime to fit her current circumstances. After giving birth, she was able to get her body back to pre-baby shape, and after dealing with low bone density complications, Sarah has fully bounced back and will be competing in the Trials this month.

When considering the trials and tribulations that Sarah endured in her pursuit of an Olympian status, any excuse that may be conjured up to skip the gym simply pales in comparison.


The reason that these Olympians are so dedicated and resilient in their training is due mainly to the fact that they simply love what they do. Their passion for self-improvement, the sport and competition is obvious in these particular athletes. Take Sarah Brown for example; do you think she would have continued training despite her pregnancy if she didn’t love to compete in races?

Having a passion for doing what you do, and achieving your desired end result, is the key to unlocking success. It is what will keep you going when times get tough and help you overcome any obstacles in your way.

If you are training to reach your goals, consider how the dedicated few who make it to the Olympics go about it. Once you fully recognize the mindset behind the amazing feats performed by these athletes, you can begin applying it to your own regime and see how much more equipped you become for reaching your goals.

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