For a lot of us, the only exercise we get in the morning is dragging ourselves out of bed, pulling ourselves into the kitchen t make a cup of coffee and running to make it into the office on time! It can be hard enough to get up and out the door on time, let alone early enough to fit in a good workout session session.

With this 30-day challenge you can workout at any time you desire as long as you work out! I am encouraging you to workout in the am because this will set your tone for the rest of the day. You gain a great awareness of what you eat, you're less stressed and gain confidence knowing that you're working towards a goal. . You wont eat certain thing because you will remember how hard you bust your bust in the morning to burn those calories. Its like a ball rolling down the hill gaining more and more momentum. Once you make exercise a habit you will keep getting better and better. 

I am 5'8 currently at 160lbs. Yes most of muscle but have to admit there's some fat in there. My measurements are 34-28-42. By the end of the 30-day challenge, I anticipate on being 140lbs or less and new measurements to be 34-25-40. Shouldn't be too hard right? Lets see how we are going to do this. I want you to get pumped! I want you to get excited and ready to change your life for the better. You have to start NOW!!!!!!! Even if you don't start this on the first of the month it's completely fine! Just start! Even if you slip up one day, JUST START! LETS GO!!!!!!!

I will be talking about this challenge and documenting my results on my snapchat @sajeforeal. I will be posting atleast 4 times a week and following a specific dieting and workout routines. Everyone is different so choose any of these 30-day challenge templates and please stick to it! Im so excited for you guys! YOU CAN DO IT!!!

Each one of these can be downloaded and saved to our phone as a reminder of what you're working towards. Don't forget to cut out complex carbs, unhealthy fats, minimize on sugar, and consume more vegetables then junk. You can check out my meal prep guide on this blog! Good luck my loves! XOXO