This past Saturday, June 4th,2016 I had the pleasure of working with Ethnicity Models at the Overtown Youth Center in Miami FL. The Overtown Youth Center is part of The Alonzo Mourning Foundation and is placed right in the inner-city of Miami. Their Goal is to inspire and empower youth and families by fostering hope through enrichment services.

As a model being represented by Ethnicity models we always like to put out the best images of women, empowerment and respect. With that being said, we were asked to speak in front of a group of young men on etiquette and what it means to treat a lady. We covered everything from how to approach a woman, what women expect, and women that would also treat them the best. This is very important because the way they view women, in their lives and in the future will be changed or can be influenced in a positive light. So many kids in the inner city and all over the world have many different views on woman, sex, dating, respect, chivalry, do’s, don’ts etc. Being able to have an open conversation with these amazing young men will definitely guide them in the dating world ahead.

Not only did they learn about chivalry and etiquette they also learned about the workforce, entrepreneurship and how to tie a tie. These little things go such a long way! Knowing they have support of the community can lead them to making better decisions and hold them accountable for their actions. Take a look at some of the captured moments at Overtown Youth Center.

Please check out and their beautiful mission! Thank you Ethnicity Models for this experience (=