SAVE $25,000 BY AGE 25

Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up and have a pile of cash in the bank? Money you can trade, invest, purchase a home, car, or shoes? The thing is money doesn’t just appear out of nowhere, it is earned. And if you’re smart enough, you will find ways so that your money is working for you. Let’s start from the beginning. I’ve always had problems with money growing up. Not because I consciously knew that I was spending my money on frivolous things that would bring no value to my life, but because in my mind everything I bought was valuable. The trouble was, I lacked a financial foundation and didn't understand what money was really for.  And what can money do for me beside new pair of Shoes.

In high school I always worked over time and had side gigs like braiding hair and babysitting. At the end of the year when I would get my Income statements I made 10’s of thousands of dollars but didn’t have $200 in my account. I understand, I was in high school, but this pattern followed me into adult hood. As my income doubled, tripled and quadrupled, I always had a reason to buy something and put off saving until I got older. One day I had enough and decided to make a change. I decided to start researching money and take control of it. In that time, I was able to save a significant amount of money for my age and now I have a much different relationship with money.

Please keep in mind it is never too late to take control of your finances. The years will come whether you are ready or not so it’s always better to be ready. Let’s get started

1.No matter how much money you make, find a way to save 40% of your income. If you are working part time and are in college this will be a little difficult but some savings is better than no savings.

Review how much you are making at work, map out your income & expenses each month and find a way to save 40% of your income. Get in the practice of this at a very early age, because WHEN an emergency happens you will be prepared and less stressed.  Be very detailed with this part of the plan because this is your foundation. If you are unsure of where you are starting how can you know where to go? Include gas, Starbucks, Netflix, even your hair and nails.


2.CUT BACK! Yes, I know you were hoping this wasn’t part of the plan but of course it is. When I realized I had to cut back and budget I was sick to my stomach! I loved that little plastic gift got in the mail that let me buy what I wanted. And loved even more that I didn’t have to pay it back until later!!!!! NOT COOL! Think about it. What do you really need? Do you need to buy lunch each day? Do you need to visit Linda at the nail salon Every two weeks? And is that $150 phone bill really bring you that much business? I know it’s annoying but these companies are getting rich off you while you get poorer! Get smart and cut back your unnecessary expenses.  Here’s what I cut out when I first started.

Cable (but I kept my internet). Switch my cell phone provider. Stopped eating out (I started meal prepping) Nail salon, Hair salon, Shopping, and even sold a few items. Believe it or not that saved me at least $1,000 a month. What that does also, is build a different relationship with money. Makes you pay attention to what’s important, what can wait and what you simply don’t need.


3.Work more! Hey, you’re not going out as much, you’re saving money and you’re caught up on homework because you don’t have that stupid TV anymore right? OK great! Why not work more? I used to be the queen of over time until I became self-employed. Thank you Jesus. Now I work harder and smarter. I am a very hard worker and I love the grind of it. I love depositing checks and being the best in my field. But that comes with not falling into the traps of chilling all time and actually putting in more work. You’ll get more money, more experience and a figure out ways to double and triple your income as he days goes by. What I did was just sit back relax and pay attention to who was making money around me. And I went and did those two things. You will find your way, but you got to WORK!


4.Set a monthly, quarterly and annual goal for your finances. But this has to be real. Don’t write anything down you aren’t going to commit to.  Where do you want your bank account to be? Where do you want your credit to be? What’s do you want to do with the money? All these things make it much more fulfilling when you actually start reaching those millstones. You have to have a WHY. You have to have purpose. You have to write these goals down and look at them daily. Notice where you re lacking and fix them immediately.


5.Let your friends, partners and family know your goals. This holds you accountable and gives you all the more reason to fulfill your goals. When you share your goals with the closest people to you they will more than likely play a role in your success. So they can understand when you can’t make it to this trip to the Caribbean. Or the new Ellie Goulding concert. You will have to watch it on TV for now sweetie you’re focused!


6.Lastly, take a money management course. You can take this online, at your local community college or seminars. Trust me this is something you will hold onto for the rest of your life! There are a few things that people can take from you can you never get back, but one thing that you will hold onto forever is your education. Whatever you decide to educate yourself on its yours. Use it to grow and expand your brand. Learn as much about money as you can. It won’t be so scary anymore. It won’t have power over you anymore. And most importantly, you will have a new found respect for your money and what it can do for you.


Be very very very clear with your intentions. Even if you save $1,000 for the year, HEY! THAT’S $1,000. And next year will be better!

Happy building my loves



Saje Nicole