The 5 Minute Outfit!

Even though I love to dress up and try out new things in fashion, one thing that I used to have trouble with was putting tops and bottoms together in a reasonable time. What should be a ten-minute process turns into 45 minutes of trying different jeans, skirts, and tops to get the “Center of Attention” look. So to solve this I started buying tons of beautiful quality dresses, jumpsuits and rompers. 5 minutes and you’re done getting dressed. Your boyfriend will thank me for this post!!!! Take a look at the Gorgeous Ivory Lace jumpsuit from REVOLVE.

Wear a nice set of pearl earrings or diamonds studs. A necklace isn’t necessary with this look.

No platform heels. Try a strappy heel or pointed heel if you want to take this look to work!

Check out your completed look in the mirror. You look amazing!

Now Strut!!!!!

  I love this look cause it’s so easy. It still looks Chic and classy. I can wear it to a family event or brunch with the girls.

 Most importantly it didn’t take me 2 hours to get ready (Thank God)

Tag me in your favorite one-piece look #SajeNicole