Finally Get Your Body Back!

Okay, winter is over, the relatives have left, and so has your New Year’s resolution to get fit! I know you had every intention on starting the year right with a bang!!!! But what happened?

One of three things probably happened that caused you to give up. You were into it,

*Got pumped but then lost the motivation

*You don’t ‘think” you have enough time

* Not seeing results fast enough


If you are suffering from one of these summer body killers I have the solution for you! But you have to pay attention! Read carefully and never ever forget this crucial piece of advice! You can get pumped all day! Read fitness magazines, listen to your favorite fitness guru but honestly motivation is GARBAGE!!! Yes, I said it. If you’re solely relying on working out when you feel motivated you’ve already lost the battle!


Your mind is actually the strongest and most powerful muscle in your body train it first! Motivation gives you the right “feeling” but after that feeling is DISCIPLINE! Easy right? Yes sweetie it is very very easy. You put your body into a routine. A fitness body sculpting, ab crunching, fat burning routine and stick you it! Whether you feel like working out or not. You know your goals, you know you’re tired of not being you best self and gone your discipline is the only thing that will carry you through it!!!!! Now it’s time to change.


Follow these Discipline forming steps to help reach your fitness goals!!!!

1. Write down your ideal, weight, waist size, body fat percentage and WHY YOU’RE DOING IT


2. Leave your running shoes next to your bed each morning so when you wake you can easily slip them on and head out the door


3. Set your to-do list the night before so you can sleep with a clear mind not worrying about things you may forget to do the next day


4. Meal prep at least your lunch the night before and have your protein in the shaker ready to go for after your workout



5. Write down your targeted muscle group for the day in your fitness journal and focus! (make it fun, get excited picture your new fit self three months from now)


6.  Hit every exercise with the best form and energy possible, so that you leave the gym knowing you did your absolute best


*Shut your emotions off!!!!! Your emotions should never make life changing decisions for you

*Only your mind and your ab tight discipline!

*Remember the overall goal! It will never work if you don’t!


TRY THESE KEY THINGS FOR 5 DAYS, THEN 10 DAYS, next thing you know its 30 days and you’ve lost 15lbs! You got this! :)