Saje began her modeling career at the tender age of 16,  after continuously being approached by different companies to model their products.  Since then, Saje has refined her craft through intricate training and thriving experience.  Her warm smile, curvy slender frame and rich skin are only a few reasons this Caribbean-American has fashion designers all over the country booking her but, it's her sweet nature and free spirit that keep them rehiring her.

This exceptional beauty has a flair for acting that, through proper instruction, has landed her on TruTV's 'South Beach Tow', ABC's 'Charlie's Angels'and Tom Cruise's 'Rock of Ages'.  In addition to modeling and acting, Saje's gifts and ambitions include starting her own fashion line, which she imaginatively creates and passionately pursues.  
           Saje is building a successful career in modeling, acting and brand endorsements that is taking the industry by storm!  Beauty, grace and that little something extra that you recognize, but can't define - that's Saje.